Interesting links: October 2019

"Copernicus", by Stanislaw Szukalski
“Copernicus”, by Stanislaw Szukalski

(I feel I’m making up for the lack of links for the last three months …)

Interesting links: September 2019

Panoramic view from the Venera 13 lander, from Venus, in 1982
Panoramic view from the Venera 13 lander, from Venus, in 1982

Monthly recap (Sep 2019)

A shovel-full of little stones in the sand
A shovel-full of little stones in the sand

Minor updates:

  • A team offsite that involved sailing in the bay (on the USA-76)
  • Some frustration with the limited AT&T data plan that I have
  • Went for a Gulzar event
  • Rapunzel at the Playhouse
  • Trying out Sam Harris’ meditation app
  • A first Lego set for Tara (so, will be giving away her Duplos soon)


  • Chernobyl (series on Netflix)
  • End of the tour (movie on Netflix)

Interesting links: August 2019

Rubaiyyat illustration by Elihu Vedder (verses 37-39)
Rubaiyyat illustration by Elihu Vedder (verses 37-39)

Monthly recap (August 2019)


Major updates:

  • Towards the end of the month, we took a trip to Kauai
  • Got some work done in our kitchen (tiling the floor)

Minor updates:

  • Started out mildly embarrassing but ended rather well: treated myself to a Spa session (sauna/massage)
  • Met up with some friends of ours in Berkeley (and as a side effect, discovered the wonderful Berkeley Bowl market!)
  • My grandmother hasn’t been well 😦
  • Had a great view of the Milky Way on a cloudless night in Hawaii
  • Three birthdays this month


  • Watched Angry Birds with Tara (we’re really getting into the “watching movies with her” groove this year!)
  • Also, Sacred Games and The Last Czars on Netflix

Monthly recap (July 2019)

Flowers that Tara picked, kept in a bowl

Major updates:
– Laguna Beach vacation
– Accepted an offer from Confluent, Joined on the 22nd!
– Surprise birthday party for me (again) by Shivi
– A friend’s mother passed away, attended the funeral

Minor updates:
Dolphin watching (no whales though)
– Watched 4th of July fireworks
• Women’s Soccer World Cup final (happened to be playing in our hotel room)
– Tara moved to the last preschool class
– Took a bunch of haikus I’d written earlier and put them into a book
– Has to deal with a tedious CP-2000 from IRS
– Added Caltrain to my commute (technically, my first public transportation commute in a decade!)
– One birthday party every weekend …

– Finished Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
– Watched Stranger Things season 3 on Netflix
– Watched the new Lion King with Tara
– Watched a musical Beat Bugs at the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre

Interesting links: July 2019

thunderstorm, from space
Thunderstorm, seen from the Space Station

(a very short list, not a lot this month, I was too busy !)