Quick rules for personal technology

(Edit: found this while cleaning old posts, must be about 2-3 years ago, but seems very relevant still 😀)

Bunch of suggestions from me, take it or leave it:

  • get off social media
  • no more free games on your phone
  • no news apps
  • no notifications (as much as possible)
  • use “do not disturb” aggressively
  • turn off ads everywhere
  • make something instead of “swiping away”: doodle, write gibberish, whatever
  • write a small journal everyday

Dark Crystal

I kept watching past the last episode, and “the making of …” was just as thrilling as the episodes themselves!

Puppets? Puppets! Glorious, CGI-enhanced puppets in so many shapes and sizes, requiring to be manipulated in so many different ways!

And the sets, and the detail in every physical object, and the music, and the effort involved in every hand-crafted piece, is just … overwhelming.

To think that I just began watching this by accident!

If you haven’t watched it already, please do — it’s a full-spectrum audio-visual spectacle, a treat for the senses, that will soon leave you entranced, if you let it.

On Apple Maps

I keep giving Apple Maps a chance, but it just can’t seem to recalculate routes!

What happens right now, whenever I veer slightly off-course, is I see this triangle representing my car just moving along, departing from that nice blue line it was so close to just a moment ago.

Now if I can make my way back, things do resume, which is … better than if it didn’t. But there doesn’t seem to be any point where it goes “hey, I think you’re way off course now, let’s find you a route from where you are now“.

I do like the traffic-light-based directions, and telling me I’ve entered the parking lot … that’s a nice touch! … but seriously, without route recalculation, it’s hard to pay attention to these other goodies.

Dark Crystal

Here’s how it happened: I was browsing Netflix, got the usual nothing to see here. Oh well, what’s this Dark Crystal thing?

Two minutes in, I get the feeling, “meh, this is too childish, did I accidentally get into the kids’ section?”

But ten minutes in, I realize I’m watching some of the most visually arresting scenes I’ve ever watched — and this isn’t CGI, so someone has put in an absolutely insane level of effort to depict and capture this fantasy world!

Anyway that was episode one. Added the rest to my list.

My current list of pens

Mostly just for my future self, would be interesting to see how this changes in (say) five years.

  1. Lamy Safari (x2, oldest one is from 2012 !)
  2. TWSBI Eco (Fine and Extra-Fine)
  3. Faber-Castell Ambition (imho, the smoothest writing one of the bunch)
  4. Platinum Preppy (x2, currently with blue and purple ink cartridges)
  5. Muji fountain pen (didn’t like it at all)
  6. Muji 0.38mm gel pens (a bunch, both black and colored)
  7. Baron Fig Squire (the only rollerball on this list)
  8. Pilot Frixxion 4-color gel multi pen

On the relevance of search results

Something darkly funny: was reading something with my daughter and came across something to do with gazelles and how they dance1, and thought, “hey, let’s look up videos of gazelles on Youtube! I’m sure we’ll find some good animal videos!”

Bad idea. Very bad idea.

In case you didn’t click through, the top results (as I see them right now) include:

“Cheetah high speed gazelle hunt”

“Springboks Antelops vs Cheetahs” (huh?)

“Cheetah chasing gazelles”

“There’s a Theory that Gazelles Style On Predators… Just Because”

“Gazelle mother trying to regain her children from eagle but can not”

“Must see! Leopard hunts gazelle on Safari tour, Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa”

“Crocodiles catch whole herd of migrating gazelle” (with two variations on this theme)

“Shaky video! Cheetah playing with baby gazelle before eating it”

“Cheetah vs gazelle | super hunting skill of of cheetah”

… and my favorite:

“Warthog attacks newborn gazelle fawn”

Further down, the only graceful gazelle to be found was Shakira’s character from Zootopia.

  1. In Louise Trapeze did not lose the juggling chickens, if you must know