Personal media summary, August 2015

In no particular order:

  • Roughly halfway through “Gravity’s Rainbow”, have rarely enjoyed a book this much.

  • Came across some of the best surreal art I have ever seen, in an art gallery in Maui, by Vladimir Kush (see a bunch of examples here, one of my favorites is above)

  • Saw “Words and Pictures” (because Juliette Binoche), split between good and meh.

  • (funny Youtube stuff) Stumbled on this olden goldie: two Chinese kids lip-synch to Backstreet Boys in their dorm (remember watching it way, way, way back)

  • Watched “The Prestige” again (because it never gets old, it might just be my favorite movie of all time)

  • I like soundtracks, and “Interstellar” was just … exceptional. Here’s something to sample if you’re interested

  • Saw a few videos of Zizek analyzing movies: absolutely brilliant and now I want to watch all the rest. For one that I particularly liked (and in fact, the first one I stumbled across by accident, see this one for “Solaris”).

… we want lots of cool products “in the cloud.” But the cloud isn’t an amorphous collection of billions of water droplets. The cloud is actually a finite and knowable number of large companies with access to or control over large pieces of the Internet. It’s Level 3 for fiber optic cables, Amazon for servers, Akamai for CDN, Facebook for their ad network, Google for Android and the search engine. It’s more of an oligopoly than a cloud.

The Three Laws of Programs

(As seen here)

  1. A program must not be hard for a human to understand, nor though lack of clarification allow a misunderstanding to take place.
  2. A program must be fast and concise, unless it conflicts with the first law.
  3. A program must be easy for the computer to understand, unless it conflicts with first two laws.